The Outside Is Full Of FutanaRisks!! ~Brutes Approaching Boys~ [Kei Mizutani]



The Outside Is Full Of FutanaRisks!! ~Brutes Approaching Boys~ [Kei Mizutani]



* February 19th 2019 – Updated to English Translated Version!
Voice: Japanese Subtitle: English
[DLsite Official English Translation]

A well-received CG collection by ” Flying Chicken”, presented in Motion Comic style!!
Girlish Boy x Futanari Girls!! Completely defeating & reverse-r*ping a strong-willed boy!

* Story
To solve the disastrous declining birthrate problem accompanied by
simultaneous reduction in male individuals’ reproductive abilities,
the authority has conducted “futanarification of women” based on
genetic technologies. However, there arises a problem that
the new sex “futanari” cannot leave male offspring.

Nowadays, the sex ratio is out of the normal range as women and
futanari occupies 94% of the population, and men are driven into the rest 6%.

Akira and Kei’s academy is located inside the “Boys Protection District”
that is isolated from the society. They thought that they will grow up well
in the academy and go out to get along with the society.
However, misfortunes always befall without prior notices…

Presenting a strong-willed boy and a serious boy’s corruptions into
futanari women’s sex femslaves divided into two parts!
(* please note that this work is Akira’s part)
Of course its fully voiced & fully animated!

* Completely defeating & reverse-r*ping a strong-willed boy! [Kei Mizutani]

Informed that his beloved elder sister is hospitalized due to an emergency
health problem, Kei goes out of the academy and heads to the hospital.

There he confirmed that his sister is 承諾. But when he is about to return
to the academy, he is stopped by a nurse… He later takes the worst choice…

Given that he devoted himself to protect his sister, where will his path ends…?

* The chapter of [Akira Shiramine] is also available for sale!!

Original Artist: Flying Chicken

as Ryou: Haruka
as Nagisa: Kanna Natsuki
as Michiru: Yaya Kinoshita
as Kei: Honami Shirase
as Akira: Maika Hara

Production: survive

English Translation: DLsite