The Beauty and the Giant ~The Popular Girl is my Girlfriend~



The Beauty and the Giant ~The Popular Girl is my Girlfriend~



I’m just the average reserved guy that loves body-building and hanging with my mates. But I really, really want a girlfriend.
Up until now, I’d avoided trouble, and enjoyed a quiet life, but a sudden occurrence brought an end to that…

“—ve you…”

Noa, a small girl with a fit body and a sweet voice, and also the most popular girl in the class, confessed her love to me!

We start to go out, and soon after begins our days of nonstop lovey sex.


– Beginning / Confession
– Lovey first kiss
– Fingering practice in preparation for penetration
– Breast milk even though she’s not pregnant
– Sneaky fellatio from under the desk
– Make-up sex
* And many more!

* Bonus manga included (see the sample for details)

170 text variations
109 text-less variations
279 CG total

* Manga and CG parts are mixed
* Manga part not included in base CG
* This work contains breast milk fetish play, but there is no pregnancy.
* Contains cross-section cuts.

* This is a work of fiction. It contains no relation to actual persons, organizations or events.

Production: syuntyu
Scenario / Illustration: Katze Oniben / @syuntyu_Katze
Scenario / Rough Draft: Takao
Created: August 2018
Latest Update: January 2019